Girls’ Brigade

The Girls’ Brigade is an international Christian youth organisation which commonly attracts young girls from all walks of life. The aim of Girls’ Brigade is to help girls become mature Christian leaders by providing them with experiences which are adventurous, challenging, exciting and relevant. Through weekly meetings which incorporate craft, music, teaching and sport the girls learn about the physical, educational, social and spiritual elements of life. The Girls’ Brigade seeks to introduce each girl to the person of Jesus Christ and if they choose to follow Him, teach them how they are to live out that decision in their everyday lives. The Girls’ Brigade motto is to Seek, Serve and Follow Christ.

Girls’ Brigade at North Beach meet every Monday during the school term from 6.00-8.30 pm.

Cadets  Pre-Primary to Year 2 (5 year olds before June) Monday 6.00-7.30 pm
Juniors Years 3 to 5 Monday 6.00-8.00 pm
Seniors Years 6 to 8 Monday 6.00-8.00 pm
Pioneers Years 9+ Monday 6.00-8.30 pm

There is a $45.00 fee per term ($180.00 Annual).

Girls’ Brigade members wear a uniform which can be purchased upon enrolment.

For more information please contact the North Beach Captain Rita Peachey on 9571 3119.